Jul 06 , 2017
Beach Do’s and Dont’s

If you can’t tell, I’m loving beach season! So this is the second installment on how to be smart at the beach. In this case, the do’s and don’ts of beach etiquette so that you can avoid being that annoying beach goer.

Beach Do’s

Beach Dont’s

Pee in the Ocean: You think you pee more than a whale? In my book its ok, just don’t pee in a pool Litter: Make sure to take with you whatever you brought, the beach is not your trashcan!
Hold Hands: but please hold off on the excessive PDA Feed the Seagulls: If you frequent the Jersey Shore then you know that the gulls are maniacs, try to avoid them as much as possible!
Helicopter Parent: Respect the ocean, it can be dangerous, so make sure you have an eye on your kids at all times. Blast Music: I promise you, not everyone loves your country or rap music. Be considerate and put earphones in.
Keep Your Space: Everyone wants an appropriate buffer between your chair and the next beach goer, no matter how crowded the beach is. Remove Your Sand Close to others: Also make sure that your neighbors are not down wind when you shake your towel out.
Enjoy it!: The biggest “do” to remember! Bring Glass Bottles: Remember cutting your foot on glass will end a relaxing/fun beach day very quickly.